Thursday, February 23, 2017

How to Promote Higher Order Thinking

When we engage with our students, we want to make sure he/she really enjoys the activity but most importantly, we want for children to really understand the purpose of the activity.  Higher Order Thinking is part of a set complex thinking skills needed to plan, problem-solve, and to transfer to many different learning activities as well as to adapt and to reflect. Children develop this skill set at different rates depending on the level of quality content and exposure to play experiences that support development. Play experiences rich with opportunities for problem-solving and collaborating invite opportunities for Higher Order Thinking process.

Parents and caregivers play a vital role and serve as role models.  Here are some great examples of games and activities to encourage Higher Order Thinking.

Read aloud to your child and read often. Encourage your child to predict what will happen next in the story. Children can also be encouraged to find patterns in the books you are reading.

Design and build with blocks! Oh how we love building! Encourage your child to use blocks to design a house, design shapes of animals, people....even letter making! This is also a perfect activity for children to build something together! Working together promotes problem-solving and engages children to adapt to each and to the workspace.

Expand discussions at home. Parents may include discussions based on concepts in everyday life at home. The subject matter need not relate directly to what she is studying at school. Ideas from discussing issues about playdates, extra-curricular activities, and his/her projects are ideal sources for good discussions.